Nearly 300 arrested in drugs crackdown

Nearly 300 people have been arrested since January by police investigating drugs-related “serious and organised crime”.

Humberside Police said it had recovered a total of 56.65kg (125lb) worth of class A, class B and class C drugs, as well as 72 weapons and £1.2m worth of assets.

Of those arrested, 108 have been charged.

The force said it had also helped the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) inquiry, which resulted in four men being charged after half a tonne (500kg) of cocaine was found in a van parked in the car park of a pub in Lelley, East Yorkshire, on 4 May.

A spokesperson said money recovered from proceeds of crime “will go straight back into fighting crime and protecting our communities, making them safer and stronger”.

Det Ch Insp Chris Swaby, head of the force’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: “Criminals involved in gangs and drug dealing will often use violence and intimidation as tools to further their financial gain and control in our communities.

“They will also exploit young people and vulnerable adults, manipulating people to bend them to their will, causing them to distance themselves from the misery and true reality of drug dealing on the streets.

“They have no regard for the lives of those purchasing the substances they supply within the community.

“This is a business for them, with making money being the only objective no matter the expense or misery of others.”

He said the force was working with partner agencies to support vulnerable drug users while tackling gangs subjecting them to “cuckooing” – a practice which sees criminals threaten people before using their homes as a base to sell drugs.

“Work has been continuing with our partners to support the vulnerable people using drugs, as well as providing reassurance and wrap around care to our communities affected.

“The work they do within the communities to assist those battling addiction contributes to making a real difference.

“Helping people to escape this lifestyle and protecting those at risk is absolutely vital.”

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Written by C.L Martin

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