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The Majestic garden is psychedelic (hallucinogenic drugs) and harm reduction discussion forum on Darknet. it can only be accessed through tor browser. Unlike other tor/darknet markets it doesnt have ordering/purchasing system, nor does it have photos of listings. But still, many members of forum buy and sell goods via P2P method.
As described earlier it is not usual darknet market, there aren’t regular listings one would find on other darknet markets. Its a good market, the only negative point to some is it only sells products through P2P, no multi sig or escrow is offered and even support tickets isnt an option on the majestic garden. Registration is also closed and opens from time to time.

  • Marketplace url: gardenq54zkgtqkrug63e4ospwcpu2ex7seojcadjua5jiyhew7e6oad.onion
  • TMG Market Alternative links: gardeneouxlmnvhobm3ymc3eaghy4l22cubmio7viug6kfbuxwypdfqd.onion ,
    gardenl24irkr6abfh7s3s5r4mmmw5cthl3lknhd5izd6jjvubtsl3yd.onion ,
    gardenq54zkgtqkrug63e4ospwcpu2ex7seojcadjua5jiyhew7e6oad.onion ,
    garden65isqgoyf5vh54fmax52o63osajx6loeoou4wvcyy7loydp7ad.onion ,
    gardenid673dxcaeqd3aztd3anpbceqfxaatz6j33t4xulyh4trmmgyd.onion ,
  • Forum url: gardenwdjxv6epp25ge77mfjnwnp4tq3y3x63bg2gx4aai43bk4ztlid.onion

STATUS: Up Online

Marketplace NameThe Majestic Garden
First SeenOctober-2017
LinkClick here
Multisignature OrdersNot available
2FA SupportAvailable
FE for VendorsDirect Dealing only
Vendor FeeFree
Market CommissionFree
Payment OptionsBitcoin, Xmr
Total Sellers600
Buyer Count18k
Listings Count4k (in November-2021)
Market SecurityVery Good
Active WarningsNone
Market StatusOnline

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