about darknetdotmarkets

This page is intended to inform people that wants to know more about us.

Not all of you know about us. We will try to add as much information about us as we can, obviously without revealing our identities.

  • We are team darknet experts whos sole purpose is to inform and educate newbies about the darkweb.
  • We are not some kind of fictional characters like media potray us. We are regular people just like you doing normal jobs.
  • We are running and maintaining this project on part time basis.
  • This resource is created to combat phishing that is destroying the darkweb.
  • Our team members are surfing the darkweb since the original silkroad 1 days when a tiny amount users knew about the world of darknet.
  • All markets are ranked based on various factors.
  • We are operating this project by donations from good people like you and the ads that we display. This project doesn’t gets us profits and most of the times we end up paying from our pockets. It doesn’t and will never bother us because we dearly love this project and happy to fund it ourselves.

DdotM will always be a reliable service to our users. If you have read so far then we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unstoppable support.

Stay safe everyone,
DdotM Team
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Email: [email protected]

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