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Alphabay market is a privacy focused dark web market which main focus is on privacy. It is the only market on darkweb that accepts monero as their only form of payment. Alphabay wants to enforce use of PGP encrypted messages. it also urge its users to take basic privacy steps like using vpn service, changing security of tor browser to safest and turning off Javascript.

Alphabay is relaunched by its new admin Desnake. The market’s products are growing day by day and it includes every kind of contraband items even fentanyl. The listings for drugs are more than 8000 listings. It’s second biggest category is fraud section which makes around 30% of its business, most of these items are in digital form as stolen credit cards, hacked accounts etc. Third section of alphabay market is services section it is relatively smaller it deals in DDOS services fake id’s etc. Its design is quite simple and has most of basic features a user would expect.

  • Marketplace url: alphabay522szl32u4ci5e3iokdsyth56ei7rwngr2wm7i5jo54j2eid.onion
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STATUS: Up Online

Marketplace NameAlphaBay Market
First SeenFirst Lauch in December-2014, Relaunched September-2021
LinkClick hereClick here
Multisignature OrdersNot available
2FA SupportAvailable
FE for VendorsConditional (based on reputation)
Vendor Fee500 USD
Market Commission3%
Payment OptionsXmr only
Total Sellers3.3k
Buyer Count40k
Listings Count10.7k (in Feb-2022)
Market SecurityVery Good
Active WarningsNone
Market StatusOnline

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