Europol Dark Web Specialist Joins Binance


Europol Dark Web Specialist joins crypto exchange Binance, to head up internal and external investigations, and to protect user funds.

Dark web meets Web 3.0

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has added Europol Dark Web Specialist Nils Anderson Roëd to their investigations and audit team. He is the latest in the string of high-profile hirings meant to placate the clamor created  by global regulators, who have placed Binance under the microscope recently. In Roëd’s own words, his goal is, “…to make Binance a safer place, by investigating internal and external activity taking place on the exchange for the purpose of protection of user funds, and assisting law enforcement with similar investigations. In his view, increased public and private sector collaboration will make the crypto industry a safer place for everyone. Roëd joins an impressive array of security specialists at Binance, which includes Aron Akbiyikian, a former digital media forensic detective.

Roëd’s track record so far

Roëd has collaborated previously with law enforcement in high profile cases, and was the Project Leader of the Dark Web Unit of the Dutch National police, as well as of Operation Gravesac/Bayonet, which took down Hansa Market and Alphabay. The latter role yielded information regarding illicit trades, which was instrumental in empowering other law enforcement agencies to make crypto crime-related arrests.

Roëd’s experience has given him a broad perspective in his approach to combating crime. In his view, the entire ecosystem in which criminals are operating needs to be investigated, and it is not enough to simply arrest criminals. To combat the actions of a few individuals who can negatively affect innocent crypto industry participants, he hopes to foster international collaboration between industry and law enforcement agencies to make the crypto world a safer place to do business in.

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Written by John Smith

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