Dark Effects of Bot Attacks that Drive 73% of Internet Traffic

The world’s third-largest economy, following the United States and China, can now be attributed to cybercrime, as stated by the World Economic Forum.

Cybercrime generates significantly more revenue than the combination of global illegal drug trafficking, counterfeiting, and human trafficking.

Uncover the intricate web of these malicious activities and the alarming surge in cyber threats.

The Breaking Bad Bots: Bot Abuse Analysis and Other Fraud Benchmarks3 report by Arkose Labs provides a comprehensive analysis of bot abuse trends and fraud benchmarks. 

The report illuminates that bot attacks have become more sophisticated and are now capable of emulating human behavior. 

Insights on the prevalent types of bot attacks are also outlined in the report. These include fake account creation, payment fraud, and account takeover attempts.

Explore the rise of sophisticated bots that not only target coveted items like Taylor Swift tickets and Nike shoes but also contribute to far more sinister crimes. 

Delve into the staggering statistics, revealing a 121% increase in total attacks in Q2 of 2023 and the ominous shift toward human-based attacks in Q3.

The Chilling Impact on Financial Institutions

Witness the battleground in the financial sector, where bad actors are strategically targeting online bank accounts. 

With a 202% surge in attempts to seize consumer financial accounts and a 164% increase in fake new bank accounts, the financial industry has become a prime target for cybercriminals.

Unravel the disturbing connection between cybercrime and dating sites, where bad actors exploit vulnerabilities to initiate money-making romance scams. 

Discover the shocking statistics, including a 36,000% increase in fake account creations in Q3, leading to potential profits from human trafficking and other illicit activities.

Enter the era of Generative AI (GenAI) and its transformative impact on cybersecurity. 

Explore how cybercriminals employ GenAI for content generation, crafting perfectly worded phishing emails and responses on dating apps. 

Brace for a surge in romance scams as GenAI becomes a powerful tool in the cybercriminal arsenal.

DIY Fraud and the Escalation of Cyber Attacks

Unveil the democratization of cybercrime through DIY Fraud, also known as cybercrime-as-a-service (CaaS). 

Witness the deployment of automated bots at an unprecedented scale, causing trillions in damages and posing a formidable challenge to security teams worldwide.

Navigate the technological advancements driving the proliferation of complex bots. 

From intelligent bots leveraging machine learning to the staggering 167% increase in total bot attacks, understand the evolving landscape and the need for adaptive defenses.

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Written by C.L Martin

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